We produce renewable energy from biomass

Pannonia Bio Gas d.o.o.

Pannonia Bio Gas d.o.o, is owned by Pannonia Bio Zrt., which operates Europe’s largest biorefinery in Hunagry and is part of the ClonBio Group. Pannnonia Bio Gas operates Slovenia’s largest operating biogas power plant in Pomurska, a region known for its agriculturally favourable conditions.

Biogas production methods applied at Pannonia Bio Gas employ the latest technologies for utilising and minimizing waste from a diverse range of feedstock. Biogenic waste, mainly from Hungarian and Slovenian agricultural residues, is used for power generation. Biogas is converted into heat and electricity as part of the company’s waste-to-energy strategy.

By tapping into local knowledge, combined with the latest technological solutions and innovation, the facilities set a higher standard for energy production, from biodegradable waste, in Europe. Only premium materials and technology from the world’s best known manufacturers are used.

The Pomurska plants utilise novel biological methods for improving biogas production performance and mechanical pre- and post-treatment technologies that reduce both greenhouse gas emissions (GHG’s) as well as solid and liquid waste volumes.

As the company continuously employs breakthrough biogas technologies, it will continue to collect data and report its findings to the biogas and renewable energy communities.

No transportation infrastructure is required, as the biogas is produced and converted into electricity on site whilst being injected into the neighbouring municipal grid.

The company continuously seeks opportunities to strengthen partner relations and contribute to Slovenia’s GDP and employment impact.